Specializing in Children’s Entertainment

Girly-Girl Partea’s has been Northeast Florida’s #1 choice for children’s themed parties and events since 2008. We offer a wide variety of services including 30+ characters for boys and girls of all ages, corporate and non-profit pricing for special events, custom planned parties, complete with decor, catering, hosted activities and more!

Contact us today to make your next event SPECTACULAR! Call Elsy at (904) 514-4314 or Kayla at (904) 540-1337 or email info@girlygirlparteas.com.


I love them we have used them several times with our business and they are perfect from start to finish. They are one of the best vendors I use.

Craig Phillips

Snow Sisters

We chose the visit from the snow queen. She arrived right on time and was a hit. I loved that she had an answer for every creative question from the 5 year olds and never broke character. She was very patient. Job well done. Thanks!

Janine Levy Santangelo


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